3M Scotch-Weld TL22 Threadlocker Adhesive, 300 Degree F Maximum Temperature, 10mL Bottle, Purple


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Features and Benefits

Threadlockers are used on threaded fasteners to prevent loosening caused by vibration. They cannot be used on bearings or other threadless components.


Type Threadlocker
Container Size Range 1 oz. – 15.9 oz.
Form Liquid
Strength Low
Container Size 50 mL
Color Purple
Container Type Bottle
Series TL22
Series Part Number TL22-50
Removal Method Hand Tool
Working Time (Minutes) 20.00
Full Cure Time (Hours) 24.00
Fixture Time (Minutes) <20
Fastener Size Range <5/16″
Minimum Service Temperature (F) -65.00
Maximum Service Temperature (F) 300.00
Breakaway Torque (Lb./Inch) 40 to 100
Standards MIL-S-46163A

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