Electrolube HTC35SL White Non-Silicone Heat Transfer Compound, 35 mL Syringe


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 Electrolube Heat Transfer Compound (HTC) is a non-curing heat transfer paste, designed for use as a thermal interface material. It is recommended where the efficient and reliable thermal coupling of electronic components or heat dissipation between any surfaces are required. HTC is a non-silicone paste, suitable for applications where silicone is prohibited, thus avoiding issues with silicone and low molecular weight siloxane migration.

  • General purpose thermal management paste; cost effective heat dissipation
  • Based on a non-silicone oil; avoids issues with silicone and LMW siloxane migration
  • Good thermal conductivity; designed for use as a thermal interface material
  • Non-curing paste; allows simple and efficient rework of components if required

The Electrolube EHTC35SL is a heat transfer compound that comes in a 35 ml syringe. The easy to use compound is designed to be used on the base and mounting studs of diodes, transistors, thyristors, heat sinks, silicone rectifiers, semi-conductors, and more.

Electrolube EHTC35SL Features:

  • Series: HTC
  • Product Type: Heat Transfer Compound
  • Container Size: 35ml
  • Container Type: Syringe
  • Color: White
  • Primary Color: White
  • Standards Met: RoHS Complaint
  • Shelf Life: 48month
  • Applications: Thermal Interface Material, Electronic Components
  • Minimum Operating Temperature: -50°C
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: +130°C

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