JNJ Industries SW100BIO Bioact SC-10 Electronics Cleaner Wipes, 100/Canister



Bioact SC-10 electronics cleaner is a blend of highly refined aliphatic hydrocarbons, orange terpenes, and linear alcohols formulated to offer superior performance in stencil/misprint cleaning and de-fluxing applications. It is an ideal replacement for Isopropanol (IPA) in hand wipe cleaning applications where performance, safety, and VOC emissions need to be improved. Developed for removing all types of uncured epoxies. SMD Adhesives, and un-reflowed solder paste and flux from stencils, squeegees, and misprinted PC boards and assemblies. It is also effective in removing many rosin, water soluble, no-clean, and lead free solder paste residues, as well as acrylic and silicone conformal coatings and tape residue.

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Weight 4 lbs