Electrolube DCR SCC3 Conformal Coating Red 200ml Aerosol


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DCR is a flexible, red opaque version of DCA specifically designed for the protection of electronic circuitry. It has been formulated to meet the highest defense standards in both Europe and the United States.    The Electrolube DCR SCC3 is a red conformal coating that comes in a 200 ml can. The opaque conformal coating is designed to protect and camouflage printed circuit boards and their related equipment.


  • Product Type: Conformal Coating
  • Density: Bulk:1.08 @ 20°CAerosol:0.78 @ 20°Cg/ml
  • Shelf Life: 48month
  • Viscosity: 410 to 650 @ 20°CmPa/s
  • Maximum Solid Content: 60 Bulk39 Aerosol%
  • Recommended Coating Thickness: 25 to 75?m
  • VOCs Content: Bulk:40Aerosol:61%
  • Minimum Operating Temperature: -70°C
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: +200°C
  • Standards Met: RoHS-2 Compliant, IPC-CC-830 Meets Approval, UL746C-QMJU2 Meets Approval


  • Red opaque coating provides camouflage of PCB design,
  • High chemical and solvent resistance when heat cured,
  • Extremely wide operating temperature range,
  • Cured coating can be removed with Electrolube Conformal Coating Remover Gel,
  • Meets UL746 standard for Conformal coating

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