Tronex 731 Round Nose Pliers with Ergonomic Grips


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The Tronex 731 Round Nose Pliers with ergonomic grips has a jaw formed by two long, perfectly machined cones. A round nose pliers is generally used both to clamp and to form loops on leads or wire. The Tronex round nose pliers features very fine tips. The very long jaw of the Tronex round nose pliers, 1.3″, allows for an increased range of loop diameters, from .030″ to .250″ to be formed. The long jaw also can provide increased access.

  • Jaw Length: 1.25″ / 31.7mm
  • Each of the two tips is .030″ in diameter
  • Grips on pliers are dissipative 1 x 109

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Weight 2 lbs