CAIG CircuitSealer CS100P Precision Pen 6g


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CAIG Laboratories circuit board accessories help you repair and protect circuit boards and traces. These precision silver-based conductive inks apply instant conductive circuit traces on most surfaces (epoxy, glass, plastic or metal). Draw new traces on circuit boards, repair defective traces, make jumpers and shield electronics. You may also design prototype circuit boards and repair automotive rear-window heater traces!

CircuitSealer is a conformal coating that protects and insulates components, circuit traces, and board repairs. CircuitSealer improves and protects circuit board modifications, traces made by the CircuitWriter, and protects original traces from humidity and harmful atmospheres. These sealers provide a protective coating for all types of wiring and parts.

Repair, protect and maintain valuable circuit boards with these CAIG Laboratories Circuit Board Accessories from DX Engineering!

Brand:CAIG Laboratories Inc.

Manufacturer’s Part Number:CS100P

Part Type:Circuit Board Accessories

Product Line:CAIG Circuit Board Accessories

Part Number:CA-CS100P

Circuit Board Accessory Type:Sealer

Volume:6 grams

Quantity:Sold individually.

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