JNJ Industries JNFR100SMT-12 Stencil Cleaner Foil Refill Pack of Saturated Wipes 12 per case



CFC & HCFC FREE, Aggressive, Odor Free, Quick Drying – Great for Epoxies and Adhesives

A fast drying odor free solvent, GlobalTech SMT Stencil Cleaner quickly removes solder paste from stencils, squeegees, printers, tools, machinery and PC boards, leaving no residue. Perfect for both manual and automatic cleaning, this formulation has been approved for use by DEK in the solvent bar system for their automatic stencil wiper assembly. An excellent all purpose cleaner and degreaser, it is safe for sue with most plastics and can be used to degrease UV curable inks & adhesives or as a general parts degreaser. Approved for use in DEK solvent bar systems. Not recommended for water soluble pastes and flux.


Foil Refill Pack of SaturatedWipes

6″ x 9″


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Weight 24 lbs