Pace 6019-0082-P1 TIP & TOOL STAND SX90 SX100


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New Style Tip and Tool Stand for the SX-70, SX-80, SX-90, TP-65 and TJ-70 Handpieces. Each Tip and Tool Stand allows for safe and secure holding of a particular Handpiece, hot tips, Tip Tool, Water Sponge, Cleaning Brush and can be mounted to the side of many PACE power sources. The unit incorporates a new, low abrasive dry wipe made of fine metal coil that won’t drop tip temperature, cleans better than conventional sponges, won’t damage your tips, and allows for removal of caked on/burned-on lead-free fluxes and oxides. The Sponge/Water Well is still included, but not really necessary! Each Tip and Tool Stand is constructed of heavy duty, corrosion resistant metal.

Tip & Tool Stand for SX-100, SX-90, SX-80, SX-70 and TJ-70





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