QRP-SQBF09 Qualatrile SENS! Blue Nitrile Gloves, Size Extra Large


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The QRP SQBF09 Qualatrile SENS! 3 mil thick gloves are powder free and feature textured fingertips to ensure a reliable

Latex-free, powder-free NITRILE.
3 mil
Exceptional tactile sensitivity with the toughness, durability and chemical resistance of nitrile.
Naturally Anti-static, surface resistance 109 ohms.
Uniquely conforms to the wearer’s hand.
Textured fingertips, for reliable, safe, secure wet/dry grip.
Size: S – XL, Ambi.
Pack: 100 Gloves/Dispenser Box.

Applications: General lab work, food preparation and handling, small parts handling, general maintenance inspection, photo labs, assembly, painting, plating operations, furniture finishing, printing.


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Weight 2 lbs


S, M, L, XL