Contronic Devices 3630 WSM-90 Water Soluble Mask, 8 oz. Bottle


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A fluid applied mask designed for quicker and easier removal in water. Red in color.

Available in 8 oz.




Water Soluble Solder Mask

8 oz. Bottle – 3630 

WSM-90 is a red water-soluble polymer that cures at room temperature. This material is formulated to resist the adhesion of solder to specified areas of the circuit board during the soldering operation.  After the solder operation, WSM-90 can be removed with hot water (140F, 60C) leaving no residue.  WSM-90 can be used with all types of fluxes.

WSM-90 is applied using a plastic squeeze bottle or by brush. Drying time varies according to mask thickness and relative humidity. Warm or cold dry air will quicken the drying time. Optimum coating thickness is 10 to 35 mils (.025 – 1 mm).  For a thinner viscosity, water may be added up to 2% by weight.

WSM-90 is completely soluble in hot water, leaving no residue on the circuit board.

WSM-90 can be stored up to one year from the date of manufacturing.

WSM-90 can be stored at room temperature (72F, 22C) in an unopened container.

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